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Self Titled

July, 17 2017 | Terminal West

Despite being at their creative peak (The White Album was released just 18 months after Sgt Pepper’s), the band members were not getting along. Ringo even quit the band for two weeks during the recording of The White Album? He took Peter Sellers’ yacht and sailed off to Sardinia. So Paul is the drummer on “Back in the USSR” and “Dear Prudence.” When he came back, “Welcome back, Ringo” was spelled out on his drums in flowers. Check out the sweet drumbeats on July 14 at Terminal West

Side 2:

1. Birthday - Rudy Currence
2. Yer Blues - Rick Lollar
3. Mother Nature
4. Everybody
5. Sexy Sadie - Jason Collier
6. Helter Skelter - Ben Williams
7. Long Long Long - Anthony Aparo
8. Revolution 1 - Macy Todd
9. Honey Pie - Eliot Bronson
10. Cry Baby Cry - Macy Todd
11. Revolution 9
12. Good Night
13. Don
14. Why Don
15. I Will - Anthony Aparo
16. Julia - Rudy Currence