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September, 28 2013 | The Sound Table

The time has come again, friends. Saturday September the 28th at 9pm (doors at 8), when the final quarter of summer’s final moon appears, the ATL Collective will present Led Zeppelin IV at the Sound Table. We’ll be serving up IV Tacos and our beverage du jour Stairway to Heaven Fizz. $10 gets you in the door (if you buy in advance), and for $20 you get a ticket, two tacos, and a cocktail.

Yes, you read the above correctly. We’re moving into Autumn fueled by Page and Plant. And because Led Zepplin bowed to nobody, we aren’t going to either. The curators for this show will be yours truly, i.e. The ATL Collective. That is we’re going back to the basics or this one, where we put on the shows ourselves. Rest assured we’re going to be putting on a blimp of a show.

As if the taco isn’t enough to bring you out, allow us to remind you momentarily about this legendary album. Released on November 8th, 1971, this is the album that contains so many of the tunes that made not only Led Zeppelin but commercial radio successful. “Stairway to Heaven”? Check. “Going to California”? Yep. “Black Dog”? Mm hmm. “When the Levee Breaks”? On it. “Rock and Roll”? Yeah, that one’s on there, too.

The album topped the UK charts and stayed number one for 77 weeks running. It’s on pretty much everyone’s list of the best albums of all time, and of course “Stairway to Heaven” is consistently in the top three (if not number one) on every countdown of best songs ever. It’s still the song you are most likely to hear when you enter a Guitar Center and see some pre-pubescent trying out his first electric guitar.

What we’re trying to get at is that this album has shaped our musical landscape and influenced nearly every album that followed it. And if you’re in the business of reliving classic albums, as we happen to be, you can’t do it long without trying to tackle this one.

Led Zepplin IV. Saturday September 28th. The Sound Table. Be there.


Bryan Gibson
Brian Whitman
Daniel Dewitt
Lauren St. Jane